Carefully designed for safety


Carefully designed for safety

White Clay Frame Kit

$26.95  $16.95

Black Clay Frame Kit

$26.95  $16.95

Back Seat Safe Mirror

$21.72  $14.72

Back Seat LED Mirror

$26.45  $18.45



Trusted Brand

 A soft layer absorbs shocks from the road and keeps the mirror still.

Environmentally Conscientious

Made of lightweight ABS makes it remarkably tough and resistant to external shocks. The frame has a nice rubbery finish for soft and smooth felling.

No chemicals

Mirror does not contain glass;
Cd, Pb, PAHs - Approved.

Child Friendly

Smart engineered ball joint for long-range movement (up/down/left/right)

Teested for children

Sharp vivid reflection with reduced distortion

"Simple DIY kit to make timeless memories! Got this as a present for my cousin to frame new born baby hand and foot print! I have been told it was fun to make it and the father and mother absolutely love it and will treasure it.

My idea of a gift is something that stays along no matter how many years pass on!

Definitely recommend this people out there with same ideology or to people who want to create timeless memories!"

Diana D.

Make Timeless Memories in no time!

"I really love the Babyboon mirror because of the clear image. The mirror is really wide and I can see my baby easily without any distortion. We spend a lot of time in the car every day because of my commute but now I don’t have to worry about what he’s doing back there. It was hard to see him in other mirrors I’ve used because the image was wonky looking. It made me nervous, so I would pull over a lot to check on him, especially if ever I heard him make a strange noise. With the Babyboon, though, there’s never a question as to what my baby is doing in his car seat. I can’t believe I used to waste so much time pulling on and off the road!


Androulla D.

I really love the Babyboon mirror because of the clear image.

"Better than I imagined! I brought this baby kit as I liked the idea of producing an actual cast of my baby's hand and foot print. The process was very easy and straight forward. The instructions were clear and the variation of colours worked well, as it was great to have choice. The result was beautiful! Better than I could have imagined!"

David G.

This is one of the best baby product I have bought ...

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