The tiniest feet make the largest footprints on our hearts...

 So capture the moment and make it last, by creating an impression of your baby's feet, hands or both!
Those tiny hands that steal your heart and the adorable feet that run away with it won't stay small forever !

Four background colours included

 Beige, Silver, Gold and Black. No need to worry if the baby is a boy or a girl. You have four colours included so this makes the perfect gift for any friend, family member or anyone expecting a child. It is popular for a Baby Shower, Registry, Christening or overall baby gift, as once an impression is created it will provide a great talking piece to display with pride.

Easy to use

As this is a fun DIY project that anyone can do from novice to experienced crafters

Suitable from newborn upwards

Safe non-toxic clay.


Captures the finest details of the baby's hand/ foot.

Great design

Wide wooden frame in pure-white colour with real glass front display.

Premium quality

Stainless steel hangers, acrylic sliding clips and fine-grained clay

Variety of colours

interchangeable colours to choose from: Beige, Silver, Black, Gold.

What's in the box:

Feedback from other parents


"Simple DIY kit to make timeless memories! Got this as a present for my cousin to frame new born baby hand and foot print! I have been told it was fun to make it and the father and mother absolutely love it and will treasure it.

My idea of a gift is something that stays along no matter how many years pass on!

Definitely recommend this people out there with same ideology or to people who want to create timeless memories!"

Diana D.

Make Timeless Memories in no time!

"I usually buy these kinds of picture frames because I have success with the gift. I have noticed this new brand and decided to try it. I have duplicated success. The quality is seen and felt and with that of the customizable colors. I do not break my head if the color will taste or if it is a boy or a girl when at the baby's party, we go that prenatal party that the guiris baby shower, still gender is not known. The manufacturer nailed it with that to put more space for the photos: I remember a friend and we gave a gift for a christening similar gifts and mine was the one that was noticed thanks to the space for four fotos. The process is very easy. I really recommend it."

Alyce D.

The process is very easy. I really recommend it.

"There were no cracks after drying. It was fantastic! We got a beautiful double imprint and love it!"

Joanna G.

Thank you. Our cast looks great and soooo cute!!

A life time warranty

Will be given on all purchases, as we at Babyboon are that confident of the quality and results you will receive! Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% happy with our product. We pride ourselves in providing the best service, quality and aftercare to make your experience easy and stress free. See for yourself!

Freeze this moment

Preserve the memory of baby's chubby little feet or hands with the Casting Kit by Babyboon


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